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At The Priory Witham Academy the primary pupils are taught Spanish as part of their curriculum in order to develop their linguistic skills and appreciate other cultures.

In Key Stage 2 (Yr 3-6) Spanish lesson are taught for an hour every other week. These lessons are taught by specialist Spanish teachers.

Throughout the Key Stage, pupils are taught to develop the sounds and phonics of Spanish and to build on vocabulary which will enable them to develop linguistically.

Pupils are able to:

  • Speak in sentences with appropriate intonation
  • Express simple ideas with clarity
  • Write phrases and short sentences from memory
  • Develop an understanding of basic Spanish grammar
  • Learn poems and songs in Spanish.

Learning Spanish gives an opportunity for our pupils to achieve a great sense of accomplishment. It nurtures their self-esteem, develops interpersonal skills and is great fun!

At The Priory Witham Academy, our ambition for all pupils is for them to master the following characteristics: