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  • This free online safety guide profiles Rumble, a video-sharing platform which features some outspoken influencers and, frequently, uncompromising political views. #WakeUpWednesday

  • We are very proud to announce that we have been awarded the Bronze #LincolnshireReadingPledge by @WSHEnglishHub We are very proud of all the hard work undertaken by our children and staff #passion #wisdom

  • Year 3 have been busy investigating seed dispersal by wind #curiosity @STEMLearningUK @Stemettes

  • 5PCR visited MLL and Lincoln Castle to enrich our Victorian history learning.  We observed what a real Victorian home would have looked like, had a Victorian school experience and played with Victorian toys.  We then walked to the Castle and looked around the prison! #curiosity

  • Attention, parents!️ Discover effective tips and strategies to ensure your child's online well-being while enjoying the benefits of these digital companions. Let's navigate the world of AI friendship together! #WakeUpWednesday #AISafety #DigitalCompanions

  • Year 5 have been learning all about life cycles in plants and looking at the reproductive parts of a plant by dissecting! They have also planted their own seeds to nurture and grow #passion #curiosity #wisdom @Stemettes @STEMLearningUK

  • National Books Tokens are offering the chance for 5 schools to win £1000 of book tokens.  Please help by following the link and completing the form.  The more entries received, the higher the chance we stand of winning!

  • Y4 have been planning, creating and decorating their own Ancient Egyptian death masks! #curiosity #wisdom #courage #passion

  • Y4 have enjoyed a visit from Adam, a STEM ambassador! They built bridges to support a tennis ball, with the highest structure reaching a whopping 1.5metres! @Stemettes @STEMLearningUK @STEMAmbassadors #curiosity #passion #courage

  • Science Club went out onto the field to survey like a scientist! We dropped a hoop onto the grass and counted, using a tally, how many different species of plants and insects we could find. Great links to maths as well as science! #curiosity @Stemettes @STEMLearningUK