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Sixth Form

Welcome to the Witham Sixth Form. 

Choosing the right Sixth Form is one of the most important decisions you will ever make and here at The Witham Academy students thrive, both academically and personally, in a friendly, supportive and purposeful environment. Students who join the Sixth Form here enjoy access to a Sixth Form centre and Sixth Form staff team who challenge and support them as they progress through their courses. The Sixth Form is an active, outgoing and hardworking community of learners.

Through nurturing our core values – Courage, Curiosity, Generosity, Passion and Wisdom – in our students, we encourage each young person to be aspirational in setting their personal goals; independent, enquiring and self-motivated in their studies; and in possession of the integrity, resilience and compassion needed to become responsible young adults. Diverse academic and extra-curricular opportunities, coupled with a support network of specialist staff, ensure our students are well-prepared for future happiness and success in life, work and further study.

Sixth Form study offers students the chance to develop greater levels of independence and autonomy, by introducing a wider element of choice and self-direction into the structure and content of their study programmes. By devising personalised programmes of study from a range of ‘A’ levels, vocational and enrichment courses, we encourage our students to refine their personal areas of interest and aspiration, enjoy learning for its own sake and be able to learn independently.

Knowing and supporting our students as individuals is at the very heart of the Witham Sixth Form. The relationship with tutors and the wider Sixth Form team is vital, but is augmented by staff with a range of specialist expertise. In addition to subject teachers, our Careers Adviser is on hand to offer guidance on a wide range of post-18 options including, University applications, apprenticeships and employment opportunities.

Sixth Form also offers students the opportunity to become ambassadors and role models for other members of the school community. There is a large range of leadership opportunities – from Student Principles, Heads of House, Subject Ambassadors and the Academy Council. These responsibilities develop students’ confidence and collaborative skills, whilst demonstrating their commitment and allowing them to play a key and fulfilling role in Academy life.

Mr A Eyre

Head of Sixth Form