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Secondary Curriculum Subjects

At The Witham Academy our ambition is improve our pupils’ life chances so that they can become true citizens of the world.

We aim to achieve this through three underpinning objectives (as detailed below):

To Deliver a Coherent, Knowledge Engaged Curriculum

The Priory Witham Curriculum recognises the importance of securing a coherent body of knowledge, the identification and development of skills to apply knowledge, and the application of knowledge and skills to new contexts – it is knowledge engaged.

We recognise the need to ensure that learning is retained and therefore use research informed practice to support memory, retention and recall of knowledge. 

To Enable Pupils to Become Effective Contributors to Society

The curriculum offer is underpinned by the Witham Values Programme and the development of the Witham Learner.  It is characterised by opportunities to develop rich language for learning, vocabulary for life and a love of reading.   We explicitly teach learners the non-cognitive skills and characteristics needed to become successful.  Our curriculum prepares pupils effectively for the challenges and responsibilities of the next step in their journey.

Our curriculum empowers pupils to explore and develop their moral purpose which is guided and supported through a restorative approach.  Pupils build and sustain a range of positive relationships and understand their impact on themselves and others.  We recognise the importance of social capital which improves our pupils’ ability to develop a network of relationships, to understand shared norms, values and beliefs and thus allow them to engage effectively within society.

To Develop Cultural Capital

Our curriculum ignites imagination, inspires creativity and excites pupils to be passionate about learning.  Our pupils have access to a rich range of courses which allows us to meet the needs of each individual.  A pertinent, bespoke, rich range of extended and enrichment learning experiences outside of the classroom develops cultural capital which equips our pupils, including the most disadvantaged, with the essential knowledge they need to be educated citizens and informed members of our community.  Through the development of cultural capital our pupils will celebrate and embrace British Values.