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Religious Eduction (RE)

Religious Education at the Priory Witham produces pupils who are religiously literate and able to hold balanced and informed conversations about religious beliefs. RE engages and challenges pupils to study religion and worldviews as a real and lived experience for themselves and others.

RE lessons are delivered to reflect the academic disciplines that underpin it: Philosophy – thinking through thinking, Theology – thinking through believing and the Human and Social Sciences – thinking through living. Through these three lenses, pupils will develop an understanding of key world religions and worldviews and allow them to explore authentic religious material through interpretation and enquiry.

RE is a subject that allows pupils to consider their own thoughts and opinions; as well as providing a safe space for debate and discussion in order to critically reflect on the diversity in both their local and national context. RE offers an opportunity for pupils to develop personal reflections and spiritual development on big questions. RE supports our Academy intent enabling students to become effective contributors to society.

At The Priory Witham Academy, our ambition for all pupils is for them to master the following characteristics: