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Primary Curriculum

The Priory Witham Academy Curriculum

The innovative, engaging and challenging curriculum at The Witham Academy underpins all aspects of learning and pupil development and we believe that the Trust and Academy values of wisdom, curiosity, generosity, courage and passion truly empower pupils to become true citizens of the world and fully realise their potential. 

The Witham Academy curriculum offer embraces all aspects of Academy life.  Opportunities, both in and beyond the classrooms are used to develop knowledge, skills and personal qualities which we believe are at the heart of a holistic, engaging curriculum.

The Witham Academy’s aspirational culture supports our tenacious drive towards good progress and high achievement for all pupils. The curriculum offer is characterised by a consistent approach to teaching and learning and we recognise the importance of a powerful learning model.

This includes the following:

Securing a strong foundation of knowledge.

Explicit teacher led learning and modelling.

Identification and development of skills to apply knowledge.

Increasing independence and opportunities for guided and shared learning.

Application of knowledge and skills to context.

Pupil led learning where independence is realised through problem solving and enquiry.  Pupils demonstrate high levels of resourcefulness and resilience.

It is our belief that the confidence pupils develop throughout their time at the Academy will excite them to become passionate about learning for life.

Believe Together Achieve Together


The Primary Curriculum.

At The Priory Witham Academy we have developed a curriculum which we know will ignite your child’s imagination and inspire their creativity. Our Creative Curriculum will enrich their learning and be both meaningful and purposeful. Your child will become an excited, enthusiastic, enquiry driven learner, promoting a lifelong love of learning.

Within the Primary Phase, overarching study themes are carefully selected with a focus on the development of knowledge, skills and vocabulary. Subject leaders have developed a progression in learning throughout KS1 and KS2. This ensures that a consistent approach to the teaching of subjects throughout the Primary phases results in confident learners that make good progress. The development of knowledge and vocabulary is an essential element of our commitment to first-hand experience and a wider understanding of the world and your child’s place within it.

Pupils enjoy a journey through the curriculum which promotes:

  • rich, first hand experiences and engagement and hooks them into learning. For example, visits, artists in residence, poets, community links.
  • the development of skills and knowledge.
  • creativity and innovation.
  • opportunities to express their opinions about their learning and the study area’s wider impact on the world.

At the beginning of each unit of study children will experience a launch event to ignite their curiosity. Children are immersed in a rich learning environment inspiring them to work at their full potential. We promote all this amazing learning by extending involvement into the local community and forging creative links with you as parents and carers. We have provided access to ‘Knowledge Organisers’ which will introduce you to the area of study as well as summarise key events and knowledge that will be acquired in the unit. A summary overview of the year group curriculum is also provided for your information.