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Primary Curriculum

The Primary Curriculum.

At The Priory Witham Academy we have developed a new curriculum which we know will ignite your child’s imagination and inspire their creativity. Our Creative Curriculum will enrich their learning and be both meaningful and purposeful. Your child will become excited, enthusiastic, enquiry driven learners, giving them a life long love of learning.

Our success is built upon solid foundations which underpin the learning of each and every child. Within the Primary Phase, overarching study themes are carefully selected with a focus on the development of knowledge and skills. We make the learning contagious by ensuring that experiences and opportunities are enriching and varied. This includes a ‘Big Bang’ experience day where children become hooked into learning. Throughout the study, we ensure that children are immersed in a rich learning environment supporting them to work at their full potential. We promote all this amazing work by extending involvement into the local community and forging creative links with the parents.

Our endeavour is to ‘lift the lid on learning’ and allow children to have experiences which transfer education into the real world.

If you are interested in finding out more about our curriculum, please contact Mrs J Toland (Curriculum Lead) or speak to your child's class teacher.