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Post-16 Options

Students in Year 11 will be making decisions about what, and where, to study for their post-16 education. Throughout Year 11, the Academy’s careers team will arrange for a number of opportunities for students to learn about the various options, to help them make an informed choice. The information on this website is to help students understand their options, and find out where they can access more information.

The Options:

Students will predominantly be making a decision between academic study (A Levels) and technical/vocational study (BTECs, T Levels or an apprenticeship). With the introduction of T Levels, the distinction between academic and technical qualifications is less clear. Students can see the range of options available to them within the two prospectuses below:

Academy Sixth Form Prospectus

T Level/Apprenticeship Prospectus 

In making a decision, students should consider:

  • Your interests, and subjects that you currently enjoy
  • Entry requirements to the various qualifications
  • Further education aspirations you have, and what the requirements are, such as whether you want to go to university, and whether there are certain subjects you may need to study. Some helpful websites can be found in the useful links area.
  • Any career aspirations you have - have you researched what the requirements are, or whether an industry placement or work experience would be beneficial? Some helpful websites can be found in the useful links area.
  • Your preferred style of studying – do you prefer all exam-based subjects or some subjects with coursework, observations and examinations, or would you prefer to be based in a workplace for the majority of your course?

We invite a range of post-16 providers into the Academy to speak to students. Details of our provider access statement can be found in the provider access section of this website. Students should consider a broad range of providers and courses to help them make the best decision for their future. Students are encouraged to explore the websites of other providers, where they will find information about open events and courses available. Additional support is available from the Academy careers team, including application support.

Further Information

All Year 11 students will receive at least one 1-1 careers guidance appointment with one of the Trust’s qualified Careers Advisors. This will help students to understand their options, and ultimately make a decision about what they would like to study after Year 11. Students in Year 11 are encouraged to speak to their Careers Advisor if they have any questions about what they would like to do after Year 11. Appointments can be made with their careers advisor by speaking to their Academy’s careers team, who will arrange a meeting as soon as possible with the Advisor.

Students are encouraged to attend open evenings/open events, to understand where they might like to study after Year 11. Information about each academy’s open evenings and events will be sent to students, parents and carers, and put on the Academy website. The links to each Academy’s Sixth Form section, which hosts this information and a prospectus, is here: 

Priory Academy LSST Priory City of Lincoln Academy Priory Witham Academy Priory Ruskin Academy Priory Apprenticeships
The Priory Academy LSST - Sixth Form Admissions ( The Priory City of Lincoln Academy - Sixth Form Admissions The Priory Witham Academy - Sixth Form Information Priory Ruskin Academy - Admissions Priory Apprenticeships - information for Apprentices


Applying for Sixth Form

To make an application to our Sixth Form, please follow this link: The Priory Witham Academy - Sixth Form Information

To apply to another of the Trust’s academies for Sixth Form, please follow the links below:

Our Priory LSST application form for all academic courses at our LSST campus: Priory LSST courses –

Our Priory Lincoln application form for technical courses at our Lincoln campus: Priory Lincoln courses –

Our Priory Witham application form for technical courses at our Witham campus: Priory Witham courses –

Apprenticeship Expression of Interest – please identify the apprenticeship you are interested in and complete our Expression of Interest form. Please note, this is not a formal application, and many of our apprentices find their own employer. We advise applying to another one of our courses – through the appropriate campus – as an insurance choice if no suitable apprenticeship opportunity is found before September.

Our Priory Ruskin application form for all academic courses at our Ruskin campus: Priory Ruskin 6th Form 2024 application

The application process for other providers will be different. Students who require additional support should speak to the Academy careers team.

During Sixth Form

Students within the Sixth Form will be given tailored support for their next pathway. Choosing to apply to university remains the most common route for our Sixth Form students. For those who do, comprehensive support in choosing the right university and course and completing UCAS applications is given. For those who choose not to apply for university, tailored support is given to ensure they find an appropriate apprenticeship, higher/further education course or employment.

Students will have an additional opportunity to meet with the Academy’s careers advisor during their sixth form studies, to discuss their next steps.

Students will receive tailored workshops throughout Sixth Form, relevant to their chosen pathway, including:

  • Interviews with external careers advisor to ensure broad and balanced exploration of pathway options
  • Preparing students for the world of work - CV writing & interview workshops
  • Form tutors on hand to advise and support Sixth Form students with their UCAS application and personal statement writing
  • Support and advice on researching the right apprenticeship opportunities
  • Careers Fair - wide range of universities, apprenticeship providers and employers available to inform and advise students
  • University Visits

Throughout the two years, we provide guidance for the potential early entry students on how to strengthen their application through additional reading and research. They have access to advice on completing courses such as BMAT (The Biomedical Science Admissions Test), UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test), STEP, LNAT (Law Aptitude Test), etc. As the number of these courses which some students have to complete grows, we work to provide them with the support they require.