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The Music curriculum intends to:

  • Provide a role in the emotional, cultural, social and academic development of our students.
  • Develop skilled musicians, from Year 1 through to Year 13, enabling them to achieve to their musical potential.
  • Emphasise the intrinsic musical value of well-developed individual musicianship.
  • Be rigorous and faithful to the rich inheritance of music education, and is underpinned by our external qualifications.
  • Provide ample enrichment opportunities (performances, extra-curricular ensembles, recording technology available,) which enables students to reach their aspirations to acquire and apply skills that they value in a practical context.
  • Provide practical skills which are progressively built upon and applied in the acquisition of knowledge about specific styles, genres, time periods and location-based music.
  • Provide composing, performing and listening assessments, incorporating history, aural, theory and notation.
  • Allow students to demonstrate self-reflection skills and critical reflection on the processes used.

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