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Modern Foreign Languages

Learning a Modern Foreign Language (Spanish) gives our students the opportunity to learn facts and skills, as well as how to interpret knowledge and apply that knowledge to new situations.  Students develop linguistic competence from KS1 in the skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing in the target language in a range of situations and contexts. They also develop knowledge about language, grammar, syntax and phonic which supports literacy and language for learning in other curriculum areas.  By learning a language students become more culturally aware and develop a curiosity to see the world from different perspectives; they also develop creativity and problem solving as they find new ways of understanding and communicating a message. The content taught through Spanish is stimulating and widens pupil’s knowledge, allowing them to develop a passion for Hispanic culture, history and literature.  Students are immersed in a knowledge led curriculum which is challenging and develops their resilience and courage.  

Vocabulary and grammar are sequenced with a logical progression of knowledge and opportunities for retrieval practice and recycling of language which they can transfer in other scenarios.

Our intent is to ensure that through learning Spanish we are helping our students to increase their cultural capital to become valuable citizens of the world and prepare them for further study, encouraging them to be independent and maximise their potential.