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Early Years Curriculum

The Priory Witham Academy early years philosophy is built on a secure understanding of child development, predictable interests and fascinations and how these ignite children’s   natural curiosity and  inspire  children to explore, investigate and be motivated  to continue to  develop a love of learning. Rich first-hand experiences, continuous and enhanced

provision indoors and outdoors and thoughtful adult interactions, based on mutually respectful relationships support, facilitate and extend children’s learning and development ,enabling them to reach and exceed their potential.

This approach is supported through the implementation of the statutory Early Years Foundation Stage Learning and

Development Requirements and the characteristics of effective learning.

These are :

Communication and Language

We use quality books and rich experiences to develop children's language and words, listening skills and understanding.

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Personal Social and Emotional Development

We support our early years children to share, learn alongside and with each other and  understand how to make the right choices when they are learning in our indoor and outdoor learning spaces.







Physical Development

We support children  to develop their large muscle control through running, jumping, climbing and when they are 3 they have the opportunity to go swimming. We also focus on developing children’s muscle control in their arms, hands and fingers as they develop their writing skills.



We develop children’s phonics skills for reading and writing using Letters and Sounds as our main approach to teaching   phonics. We spend time developing the foundations for reading and writing and develop a positive view of reading and writing ensuring quality opportunities to read and write for  a purpose across early years.



We develop children’s understanding of number concepts and shape, space and measure through singing rhymes, constructing with blocks, practical activities and games.



Understanding the World

We support children  to explore the world around them, looking closely at the changes in the seasons and the environment around them. The children have the opportunity to attend Forest School sessions where they develop their natural curiosity and love for learning outdoors.


Expressive Art and Design

Children are encouraged to find out and explore  the different ways in which they can use and combine resources to create whatever their interests and imagination let them.  They develop the skills to introduce a story line in their learning, and to represent their ideas in a number of different ways including through small world, transient art and role play.