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After School Club


  • To provide parents and carers with after school childcare from 3:00pm – 5:50pm
  • To provide children with tea and different enrichment activities at the end of the school day
  • To provide a safe and nurturing environment
  • To complement provision within school
  • To encourage and recognise different talents, hobbies and passions

The Primary After School Club Experience

The club runs from Monday through to Friday from 3:00pm until 5:30pm for KS1 & KS2.

The club will provide a hot or cold tea. Examples of the types of tea your child can expect are: jacket potato and a filling, pizza, sandwiches or pasta (please note – this list is not exhaustive.) Tea is usually served around 4:15pm.

The charge is £10 per day and this covers the cost of the childcare, activities, resources for the activities and tea.

Monday This session includes a cooking and food preperation element
Tuesday This session includes some time to reflect as a group on local, national & current issues
Wednesday This session includes time in the outdoor environment, time researching and exploring wildlife or craft activities linked to wildlife
Thursday Children will watch an appropriate film. Thursday is alfo swimming day so please ensure your child has their swimming kit in school on this day
Friday This session will focus on different talents, hobbies and interests of children

If you are interested, please contact Primary reception.