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Year 5 Box: The Vicious Vikings

Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered about what has happened in the past? What is the story behind how Britain has evolved? Which settlers and invaders have come to Britain and how has their time in Britain effected things we see around us today? Were all invaders savage and brutal? Invaders and settlers are an influential part of British history and culture. Many things around us today still have strong links to them. As part of our study we are going to be focusing on one group of invaders- The Vikings.  We will be exploring Viking culture, traditions and how they ended up in Britain. Additionally we will look at Viking ways of life, food, jobs and how their society functioned.


In History, we will be learning (skills)

  • How historical time can be recorded and measured.
  • How we can sort, sequence and order the past.
  • How we can explore evidence and sources.
  • Unpick sources and accounts for historical truths.

In History, we will be learning about (content)

  • Vikings and the time periods in which Vikings existed.
  • Where Vikings came from and travelled to.
  • Investigating and exploring sources to find out about the Viking way of life.
  • Exploring Viking culture, stories and traditions as well as jobs and trade.
  • Looking deeper in to the Viking invasion of Britain and the effects it had on Britain’s society at the time and now.


In Geography, we will be learning about (skills)

  • How to identify locations on maps of Europe and the World.
  • Identifying oceans and seas on a map.
  • Understand types of settlements and land use.

In Geography, we will be learning (content)

  • To identify the locations that Vikings originated from.
  • To identify seas and oceans that the Vikings used.
  • To explore Viking architecture and modes of transport.
  • To look at farming and trade in Viking society.


In Art we will be learning (skills)

  • How to weave using natural made forms.
  • How we can use art to tell stories and recreate history.
  • To develop composition from preliminary sketches.

In Art, we will be learning (content)

  • How to weaving using a variety of techniques.
  • How the Bayeux Tapestry can tell us what has happened in the past.
  • How to link the background and foreground to colour.


In RE, we will be learning about the lifestyles and beliefs of Muslims