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Labour Market Information (LMI)

A vital component of our careers provision is enabling our students and their parents/guardians to have access to career and labour market information (LMI). Labour market information and/or intelligence helps provide data, statistics and predictions about present and future trends in the workplace, for example Health and Social Care jobs account for 14.4% of all jobs in Greater Lincolnshire (LEP).

This includes information on:

  • skills, career pathways and progression routes in the local labour market
  • job applications and interviews
  • educational institutions, courses, qualifications, entry requirements and costs
  • professional bodies
  • employment sectors, employers, jobs, salaries and employment trends
  • jobs, training and apprenticeships
  • job demands and working life
  • financial planning

What we do:

  • teach students how to find and process information
  • give students access to up-to-date information in a range of different formats
  • offer the students first-hand information through encounters with employers

Useful Websites and Information:
Use the following websites to search for and find information about a whole range of jobs and industries along with up-to-date labour market information.

   - A website that has information about the amazing range of businesses, jobs and skills needed across Lincolnshire.

Buzz QUiz   - Take the 'Buzz' quiz to discover your personality and then explore a wide of jobs and sectors.



- A useful website that has a vast amount of up-to-date labour market information. 






*****This page will be updated regularly with both local and national LMI*****