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Key Stage 5 results

Key Stage 5 Results 2018

Attainment and Progress

Academic progress                                                  +0.16

Average grade for Academic subjects                      C-

A Level progress                                                       -0.03

Average grade for A Level subjects                          C-

Applied General progress                                         -0.01

Average grade for Applied General subjects            Dist *


Progress in English and Mathematics

Academy student progress in English                      -0.03

Academy student progress in Mathematics               0.04



% of students retained throughout Year 13              100%

Retention for Academic subjects                              100%

Retention for A Level subjects                                  100%

Retention for Applied General subjects                     100%



Higher and Further education                                    80%

Apprenticeships                                                          8%

Employment                                                                12%

NEETS / Other                                                             0%