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Year 3 Big Bang Day

Year 3 embrace their new topic - British food

Lets Celebrate….. British food!


Year 3 certainly did just that on Monday 15th June.  The children arrived to find the classrooms transformed into restaurants, and not only that, the corridor was named the Witham Salad Bar, with Mr Foxwell overseeing the busy chefs preparing their very own salads.  It was interesting to note though that the children thought eating their creations was by far the best part!

When not preparing delicious salads, the children took part in activities to celebrate the wonderful array of British food, including a nail biting quiz, testing their prior knowledge and understanding as well as learning some very interesting facts.  They were also given the opportunity to create their perfect meal, producing it on a paper plate (if only it was edible).  The afternoon required the children to become food critics, tasting and then scoring a variety of traditional British foods.   It was hilarious watching them turn their noses up at the sour tastes and then the delight when they tasted something they really enjoyed.  Well done Year 3 for a fantastic food themed day.