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Embalming school comes to Witham

Children learn how the Egyptians dealt with a dead body, writes Grace Rookledge and Lilly Robins

This week (Tuesday 17th January) year 4 took an educational step back in time and learned how to become embalmers.

According to one year 4 it was “gross but fun”.

Head of year 4, Mrs Tallentire, opened her embalming school in the morning, showing the children exactly how the Egyptians dealt with a dead body.

But don’t worry parents, no real bodies were used, as a model was brought in for them pull apart.

The children learned a number of processes, which they will be writing about this week.

They learned that you need a metal hook so you can force it up the nose to crush the brain, you will also need a sharp knife to slice open the left hand side of the body.

Additionally, if you are planning on embalming a body of your own, you need to take out the liver, lungs, stomach and intestines!