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Year 5 Visit the Lincon Castle - 31st October

A perfectly executed school trip for year 5 - 31st October

On Monday 31st, year 5 visited Lincoln Castle on a school trip to learn about it’s history.

When they arrived, they encountered the castle walls and found out some interesting facts about the people that got hung there.

Secondly, the children trooped down to the female cells to revel in a game showing how Joseph Ralph escaped from the cells. There were two teams Green Team and Blue Team and the Green Team won the days battle for information.

Next they went around the castle walls and it was pretty high.

The children found a graveyard and there was a grave which had the initials of P.B which stands for Priscilla Bigidike who got hung for a murder she didn’t commit.


The final thing they did was dress up and do their costumes roles. One of them was a governor his name was Riley. There was a surgeon named Dale he was doing things he wasn’t supposed to do. 


By Caitlin Finch, Chloe Dent and Kyle Arden