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Trip to Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park

Year Two, Trip to Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park 28th June 2016

Year 2 had an awesome day at Woodside Wildlife and Falconry park meeting and even handling a variety of amazing animals.  We explored the indoor tropical house filled with free roaming birds and mammals, as well as the butterfly room which was filled with butterflies flying above our heads.  When it was feeding time for the lemurs we were able to watch them cheekily grabbing food from the staff as they ran about the enclosure.  It was awe inspiring to see the two beautiful tigers, Julia and Tango, jump up at the fence to grab the meat that they were being fed.  Another treat to see were the white wolves, with their stunningly beautiful white coats to keep out the Artic winters.  We also saw a variety of birds and the owls were a real treat, especially when we watched the animal show and the white owl swooped silently over our heads.  After lunch we met some reptiles, we stroked lizards and those that were brave enough could hold a snake.

Thankfully the weather stayed dry. It was a fantastic day out.