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Night at the Museum beginning to take shape

Children working hard to ensure everything is ready for the big day, write Tymoteusz Maznica, Caitlin Finch, Antonina Dabkowska, Joshua Mellars and Kyle Arden

The children of Priory Witham Academy are busily building towards the Night at the Museum event.

On March 31, parents and children will be touring the primary school to revel in the wonderful activities the children have been up to this term.

Centered around their curriculum activities, each year group has taken a unique route to the open afternoon, which will take place between 2-4.

Year 5 have been looking at the Bayeux tapestry, cross stitching monks and investigating Viking weapons, flames and also Lindisfarne on bincas. They are also doing a song called Viking rock.

Meanwhile year 4 have been creating zigzag books, which will be on display for night at the museum. On the day, parents will have a chance to read the work the children have been working at.